Owing to the fact the geographic shape of Ohio has a vague appearance like that of a heart; it is alternatively called The Heart of It All.Most probably, the inspiration for the pseudonym came from the critical function the state performed in the history of the United States as the focal point of industry,  the place of residence of many past American presidents, the place of origin of professional football, aviation as well as the slogan, rock and roll.

History of Ohio

This state is proud of its history in US politics. It is the birthplace of 7 former US presidents, including Ulysses Grant, from the Republican Party. For this reason, it was nicknamed the Mother of Modern Presidents. Additionally, the modern movement that clamors to have African-American individuals at the helm in White House started in 1967 in Cleveland, which is the most significant metropolitan area in this state.

before 1912

Also, the history of Ohio is a fascinating one. Look at the ceremonial as well as burial mounds, which are shaped in the form of a snake, constructed at Serpent Mound by Native Americans. In the capital city of this state, Columbus, settlers of German descent were once inhabitants there.

Ever heard the name, Johnny Appleseed?

The cultivation of majority of the orchards in Ohio as well as Indiana began with seeds that John Chapman — nicknamed Johnny Appleseed — gave to settlers. The term, Ohio, originates from the Iroquois Indian term whose meaning is a good or beautiful river. Another nickname of this state is Buckeye State — a name given after the buckeye tree that grew in abundance in the past on the plains and hills of Ohio with seeds resembling a buck’s (duck’s) eye.

Ohio’s Economy

Ohio is not only famous for the personalities that resided in it, but also well-known for its industrial power. In this respect, only New York, as well as California, are placed above Ohio. The feat is as a result of its natural resources like vast deposits of minerals (salt and coal inclusive) and abundant water supply.

Ohio’s Geography

This state is bordered by Lake Erie and Michigan to the north, by West Virginia and Kentucky to the south, and by Pennsylvania to the east. It is an East North Central state.Ohio was the first state from the North-west Territory to join the Union.

Popular Personalities from Ohio

Take a trip to this state that once served as a home to a lot of famous figures. A former US senator, John Glenn, came from Ohio and was the first astronaut from the United States to circle the planet Earth. The birthplace of Neil Armstrong, who was the first man to ever walk on the moon, was Wapakoneta in this state. There are also some famous inventors from Ohio such as Thomas Edison, Charles Kettering, and Orville Wright. Charles was from Dayton and invented a self-starter used for cars.   Now you can call yourself an Ohio expert! These are all the things you need to know about this fabulous state!


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