Ohio gets a bad rep for being a boring state, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s scenery to explore, zoos, water parks, nightclubs, and plenty of sports playing, among other things. There’s always something fun to do in Ohio no matter what city you’re visiting. Here’s a list of the best places to have some real fun in Ohio.


There’s so much to do in Cleveland, which is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. From the numerous shopping districts to the best bars and nightclubs, there’s something on every corner for you to take part in. Cleveland is a sports city because it’s home to five major professional teams; The Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Monsters, and the Cleveland Gladiators. There’s always a game or big event going on surrounding the sports teams. In addition to sports, if you’re on the hunt for more fun for, especially for your children, Cleveland has Cedar Point Amusement Park and the Cleveland Aquarium, which are both very popular attractions. Whether you’re young or old, Cleveland is the place to be for nonstop fun!



Columbus is not only the capital of Ohio, but it is the most populous city in Ohio. The place is booming and there’s much to see and do in Ohio’s capital city. Columbus is home to an internationally acclaimed zoo complete with a water park that over two million people visit annually. There are several huge museums and art galleries to visit in the city that holds both contemporary and classic art. The food scene is on point in Columbus and you can find restaurants featuring foods from all over the world right in one place. Another vibrant aspect of Columbus is the amount of casinos that can be found there. If you’re unable to visit the local casinos, you can still find many games at Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have fun while visiting Columbus.


Cincinnati is a city in Ohio that is buzzing by day and booming by night. The city’s nightlife is one of a kind, with popular bars and nightclubs all over. If you want to listen to live music and dance the night away, then Cincinnati is the place to be. The city is also known for its festivals, parades, and culture. The Oktoberfest Zinzinnati takes place in the fall and is the biggest celebration in the country, then there’s the MusicNOW festival that takes place in the warmer months. Let’s not forget about the Cincinnati Reds and the Cincinnati Bengals which are the city’s major league teams. Fans get really competitive here when it’s time to cheer on the teams at games. Whether you’re wanting to enjoy a night out on the town or tour the city’s shopping centers and restaurants, there’s always something to explore and memories to be made in Cincinnati.



Lakewood is a nature city in Ohio and is home to one of the largest parks in the state. The park includes concert stages, a skate park, beautiful lakefront views, swimming pools, and plenty of activities to do for families of all ages. Lakewood is also home to some pretty amazing festivals, including an art festival and community festival, in addition to numerous parades in town. The food in Lakewood appeals to just about anyone. There are bars and pubs, fine dining restaurants, international cuisine, and your All-American places where you’ll find plenty of burgers and dogs. If you’re wanting to explore the outdoors and bite into something delicious, don’t overlook Lakewood, Ohio. Although it may not look like it, there’s plenty to enjoy in the charming city.


Akron, also known as the City of Invention, is super live with tourist attractions that keep people coming back. You won’t have any issues finding something fun to do. The city is all about food and is home to the Taste of Akron, a festival celebrating local cuisine. Restaurants in the area put together food to sample and there’s live entertainment to keep things popping. Akron also boasts a zoo and several art museums perfect for visitors just passing by. Nightlife in Akron is upbeat, with plenty of music and partying for you to choose from. There’s even a LGBT bar that’s extremely popular that has amazing drinks, good music, and a cozy little atmosphere complete with a dancefloor. Just outside of Akron, you will find national parks, nice ski resorts, and long hiking trails. If you want to stick to the city limits, then you can enjoy fine dining, some of the best concerts in the U.S. and live music events. Akron isn’t the biggest city in Ohio, but it makes up for it with its lively attractions and fun for everyone.

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