It is often said that education or being educate is one of the greatest achievement one can ever make in life. People often channel these wise words to the aspect of learning at schools alone. They all tend to forget that being educated at school alone is not the only way someone can be educated. Travelling is also a major and important form of being educated also. This is because most of the things learnt at schools are mostly theoretical and partly imagined. But in travelling, there are some physical things that will be seen, admired and properly recognized. It is a well-known fact that what the eyes sees is mostly registered in the brain and difficult to forget easily.

Are you interested in knowing places? Travelling out of that your zone and you are still confused about where to go? Worry not, I have the best places in mind for you and I will tell you now. Ohio, often refer to as the Buckeye State is a Midwestern State in the great lakes region of the United States. It is one of the most affordable states, with best housing affordability and a low cost of living. Ohio is filled with a lot of amazing places to visit, of which I will highlight in this article.

Corkscrew Falls in Ohio: Popularly known as Hocking Hills because of its cliffs, rock shelters, gorges and waterfalls it is made of, deep within the hills, it will interest you to know that you will find this stunning waterfall. The water fall is something of secret; therefore, a lot of people may not be seen admiring the beautiful view.

Quarry Park, Marion Ohio: Have you ever being in need of a place to clear your head and think properly? A place free of noise and distractions? If yes, then the best place for you to do that is the Quarry Park. A cliff which can be hiked and an old kiln where bricks used to be glazed, make it a serene spot. Also, the various wildlife and birds in the area makes it a truly special place to spend time.

Mentor Headland Beach: Do you have this affinity for natural things, and you have not been to the Mentor Headline Beach? Then your affinity is lacking. Mentor Headline Beach is the longest natural river in Ohio, having been ranked countless times. One of the qualities that make it a special place according to this site is the numerous hiking trails that allow tourists to take a spectacular view of the surroundings.

King Crystal Caverns: this is also one of the most interesting places to visit while in Ohio. Located beneath the countryside and farmlands are series of caverns formed thousands of years ago by an underground river that cuts its way through the limestone. The Stalactites and Stalagmites that grew in the caverns have created a lot of beautiful natural sights for you to see while visiting.

Other places of interesting sights in Ohio state are “The Cleveland Metro parks Zoo, The Great Lake Science Centre, The Cincinnati Art Museum”, and so much more.

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