Cleveland has a long culinary history that can be explored throughout the restaurants of this city. Known for the diversity of the cultures and dishes, Cleveland offered some very interesting recipes and trends throughout town there are many great places to try out in this curious city. Whether you are a tourist or a local looking for a place to eat, we have selected some of the best restaurants in Cleveland, suitable for every taste and budget.

Salt + brings a new concept to the city. Cleveland is traditionally known for rich and heavy dishes composed mainly from meat and potatoes. The chef of this restaurant introduces the concept of small plates. Chef combines different temperatures and textures in order to make the best out of these small plates. And the result is extremely good.

The Boiler 65 adapts to a local and national trend called “seafood in a bag”. The Cajun-style concept basically means that different typed of seafood are steamed and then tossed in a bag of spice and then served like this to the client. The concept expands nationally thanks to this new and funky way to serve food. The restaurant has a modern, almost elegant design that contrasts with the messy way of serving food.

Astoria Market and Cafe is the perfect spot for those who are in a rush. It started as a Mediterranean market that later evolved in a restaurant that combines local and Mediterranean cuisine with the spirit of the locals. This place serves from small prosciutto plates to octopus. It also offers a very wide range of local and international wines. Suitable for every taste and pocket.

Ohio city provisions is a new restaurant in Cleveland that features some very interesting details. Almost every ingredient found in the menu comes from local Amish farms. This guarantees you that the ingredients are very fresh, and that the meat is truly premium quality. This also helps the Amish communities to have a regular income. The restaurants features a very vast menu suitable for every taste.

Hansa brings the German cuisine close to the locals’ hearts. This brewery and restaurant features a very vast menu. Pretzels, schnitzel, sauuerbraten and knodel are just some of the dishes from this menu. Almost all the ingredients come directly from Germany and the beer is both import and local. A very interesting place to spend an evening thanks to the unique menu and international atmosphere.

Ushabu is a very interesting and modern restaurant freshly opened in Cleveland. It has only 25 seats and guarantees an interactive and fun eating experience. Every seat has its own burner where the diner can cook its own food. The menu also provides already cooked dished for those who are in a rush.

Masthead Brewing Co is a new addition in the list of Cleveland restaurants. It opened in 2017 in a warehouse that was a former car dealership, so this restaurant can easily host a crowd. It features a very wide range of beer and some freshly baked pizzas.

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