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Oliver House

Oliver House: Home Of The Maumee Bay Brewing Company

You can find Oliver House at 27 Broadway Street, Toledo, Ohio. This historic hotel building was opened in 1859 and planned by the architect Isaiah Rogers. In the 20th century, they converted the symbol of the city and used it industrially. Today you can find the Maumee Bay Brewing Company here. The company has set up its brewery pub, patisserie, restaurants and event rooms here. As if that weren’t enough, the owners now use this historic building for a theatre group and an art gallery. There are also some apartments.

These Are the Best Independent Craft Breweries in Germany

These Are the Best Independent Craft Breweries in Germany

Germany is a well-known country for its beer specialties. Germans have a long tradition in brewing different kinds of beers such as dark Lager, Wheat beer, pale Lager. If you take a journey through the land, you will find a lot of interesting breweries. In recent years however they started to offer a lot of great craft beers too. Some local independent breweries merge the German brewing tradition with modern-day brewing. These are some of the most interesting of them.

The Craft Beer Experience in Ohio

Beer festivals are becoming popular throughout the world. People are taking a liking to the beverage as a popular social one that many can indulge in. Craft beers are becoming increasingly popular and are almost manufactured as much as wines are. People have the opportunity to buy craft beers that others make or indulge in an experience of making their own craft beer. Making beer at home also is an option that many beer-lovers to get involved in, making it the craft variety of sorts. In Ohio, beer is considered to be a staple, and the rally for beer is to proclaim that it is made in Ohio.

US’s Pride: LeBron James’ ‘I Promise’ School All Akron Kids Want to Attend

Ever since he made it to the NBA back in 2003, LeBron James has become Akron’s biggest pride. He’s worked his tail off to be a good example for young people, and especially stand out among other athletes of color. James is always giving back to his community, and considering he grew up on a tough environment, he’s well aware of the struggles of poor children growing up, and that’s why he decided to found the ‘I Promise’ school at his hometown. Opened in 2018, LeBron James’ vowed to fully pay for all of the expenses of all of the at-risk students that decided to enroll in its facilities, currently located at 400 West Market Street, Akron, Ohio.

Meet The Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio

Aren’t you bored of the same-old vacation trips during the holidays? wouldn’t you love to have the chance to enjoy some sports, go on an adventure, take a swim, do some rappel and even take a hike? If the answer’s yes, then you must definitely pack your bags right away and visit the Hocking Hills State Park.

Top-Rated Places to Visit While in Ohio

Ohio is a state that offers everything you would want to know in America: from a small-town treatment to a cosmopolitan adventure, going through the experience of an all-nature-escape, you’ll never be out of something to do. Visiting Amish Country, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus or Dayton could be a plan for your next vacation with a fun repertoire of things to enjoy.

The Best Restaurants in Ohio – Part 2

We continue our culinary journey of the great state of Ohio to unearth even more great restaurants that are experiencing a revival of quality dining. In part one we discovered dishes made from craft beer, and a traditional Japanese eatery tucked away in a mall. In this episode of our food exploration we travel to Toledo and Akron to see just what the chefs are creating in these parts of the state.