Oliver House

Oliver House: Home Of The Maumee Bay Brewing Company

You can find Oliver House at 27 Broadway Street, Toledo, Ohio. This historic hotel building was opened in 1859 and planned by the architect Isaiah Rogers. In the 20th century, they converted the symbol of the city and used it industrially. Today you can find the Maumee Bay Brewing Company here. The company has set up its brewery pub, patisserie, restaurants and event rooms here. As if that weren’t enough, the owners now use this historic building for a theatre group and an art gallery. There are also some apartments.

A Symbol Of The City

When the Oliver House opened, Toledo had around ten thousand and was a thriving city. It was the seat of the district and gained importance as a railway centre. It already had its telegraph line and a bridge over the Maumee River. On behalf of the mayor, the architect designed the modern hotel for one of the best places in Toledo. Rogers later became known nationwide when President Lincoln took him to the Bureau of Construction in the U.S. Treasury Department.

The Hotel Becomes An Industrial Plant

At the opening, the city’s citizens were enthusiastic. The house had 171 rooms, each with its fireplace and running water. The gaslighting made the beautiful facility shine in the evening too. But over time, newer hotels displaced the top dog. So the city created an industrial quarter around the Oliver House. The owners converted the hotel into a guest house. In 1919 the story ended as a hotel. The new owner converted the building into an industrial plant. From now on, a company manufactured lightning fixtures in the Oliver House. So the interior was gutted. However, the owners preserved the lobby of the old hotel. In 1947 a new owner came. He used it to make axles. Twenty years later, Oliver House became a salesroom. Many small companies use the area.

Haunted Stories

Today the Oliver House is the last of those hotels that the architect Isaiah Rogers once designed. The hotel and the industrial facilities have become public meeting place. That is where people meet for social activities or to chat. The renovation took place 150 years after its opening. That should also document the historical and architectural importance of Oliver House for future generations. Beer lovers can check out the original Maumee Bay Brewing Co craft brewery here. That means that the Oliver House is still a public place where people can gather and enjoy great experiences together.

Haunted Stories
Haunted Stories

Perhaps you will meet one of the ghosts suspected there. After all, the Oliver House served as a medical centre for the wounded during the Spanish-American War. Numerous guests reported spooky apparitions in recent years. They allegedly want to have seen soldiers. One of them is known as “The Captain”. Allegedly he appears in full uniform. These sightings are another reason why the Oliver House is still famous with many visitors.