Are you new to Cleveland and you are looking to check out some of the best bars in town? Come on board as we bring to you some of the best drinking spots Cleveland has to offer.

Mahall’s Lakewood

This place is the perfect hangout spots for friends looking to spend quality time together. You will enjoy live shows and stand-up comedy, delicious and pocket-friendly farm-fresh fried chicken and a long list of the curated drink menu. Mahall’s Lakewood bar is a nice place for everyone one; you can stop by there and be sure to have a good time.

The Plum Cafe & Kitchen Ohio City

Are you looking for a classic environment with state of the art facilities built just for your drinking comfort? Welcome to the Plum Café & Kitchen! You will enjoy a cocktail menu that is different from whatever you might have had elsewhere in a very comfy environment. You will also get tasty dishes as the Kitchen serves one of the best meals in town.

Lbm Birdtown (Lakewood)

Don’t miss out on the chance to visit the only Viking-themed bar in Lakewood. Viking-themed bars are a great place to have a feel of what it takes to be a Viking. You will find swords handing on the walls, bat skulls in a jar and very scary sailors drinking from a bottle of rum. The drinks too are just like the Nordic versions; you too can become a sailor pirate every time you visit this bar.

Sachsenheim Hall Stockyard

This place is awesome! The décor is just too dope. You will be treated to an interior filled with ferns, disco ball, wood paneling that makes the hall very warm and inviting. Sachsenheim hall has the feel of a warm shelter in a frozen night, a place where you go for comfort drinking. You will enjoy different flavors of Hofbrauhaus-style German beer that are not too expensive, on Saturdays, the hall serves special German beer and food, but Tuesdays are for special chicken soups and some of the best tacos you will ever taste.

Yuzu Lakewood

This bar stands a chance of winning the award of the Most Millennial Bar in Greater Cleveland as the bar has constantly amazed customers with special cocktails mixes that are literally out of this world. You will find innovative drinks that go by the name 3AM Snap Stories and Straight Outta Pinterest served in an array of customized themed nights. This place is just different, from the casual comfort food to some dumb interior decorations, you are sure to have fun checking out new stuff here.


Have you ever being to an old-school bar? Speakeasy is a gorgeous start for first-timers. The bar is renowned for its sleek, vintage décor that dates back to the prohibition era. You will find various flavors of classic cigars and more than 60 different types of bourbons. You can come here and have that feeling of a real bad boy as you puff into the air and drink away some of the best bourbons of the century.