The Best Restaurants in Ohio – Part 1

The cuisine and food scene in Ohio is currently undergoing a major transformation. Super-chef Michael Symon is helping to direct a sway where more restaurants and cooks in Ohio are tapping into the wonderful local produce that the region produces.

In nearly every city of this great state new and emerging restaurants are battling with established eateries to provide top-notch cuisine with dishes that are created from local ingredients that are fresh and seasonal. We take time to look at the best restaurants in Ohio, meet the chefs and try the food.

Metropole – Cincinnati

American’s have always been fascinated by flame grilled food, the love and passion for barbecuing is legendary all over the world and so it is not surprising that restaurants in Ohio want to capitalize on this. The head chef at Metropole is Jared Bennett and his cuisine is driven by locally sourced ingredients that are in season.

He loves to cook traditionally, so the restaurant has its own custom-built fireplace which is stoked with wood to produce crackling flames. This searingly hot fire perfectly char-grills New York strip steaks, and grills duck breasts to absolute perfection.

The menu changes regularly dictated by the availability of ingredients but there is always the house charcuterie offering delectable choice cuts and smoked meats.

Orchids – Cincinnati

Another of Cincinnati’s finest restaurants is Orchids, which is under the direction of the award winning chef Todd Kelly. Chef Kelly produces food of the highest caliber and this is very much five-star cuisine. The menu is upscale with items such as, smoked chicken hearts, king crab, Carvena venison, and crispy pork belly.     

Many patrons of Orchids come for the superb desserts that are created by Megan Ketover, and do not be surprised if there are many desserts offering bourbon sauces as Orchids pride themselves in their special-blend Four Roses Kentucky bourbon.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing – Columbus

This unique restaurant in Columbus applies the idea of using seasonal ingredients blended together with the flavors of a craft brewery. Now having a glass or two of decent ale with your meal is nothing new, but at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing expect excellent craft beer as an ingredient to your dishes.

Creative dishes using beer are all over the interesting menu, such as Oktoberfest-glazed donuts! And it goes on and on, home-brewed beer is to be found hiding in nearly every dish including mustard’s, sauces and relishes. A quite unique restaurant and a very refreshing alternative.

Kihachi – Columbus

Our second Columbus restaurant is a Japanese delight called Kihachi and is hidden away in a mall in Dublin. Kihachi is not your run-of-the-mill sushi house, it is a delightful traditional Japanese restaurant that patrons sit on assorted tatami mats.

Most diners opt for the omakase which is simply the chef’s choice, and Chef Mike will then take you through a delightful tour of the finest offering from Japan. Dishes includefatty tuna that has been fermented in soy beans, or duck with soba noodles. We continue our culinary journey across Ohio in part two and visit Toledo and Akron.

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