The Best Restaurants in Ohio – Part 2

We continue our culinary journey of the great state of Ohio to unearth even more great restaurants that are experiencing a revival of quality dining. In part one we discovered dishes made from craft beer, and a traditional Japanese eatery tucked away in a mall. In this episode of our food exploration we travel to Toledo and Akron to see just what the chefs are creating in these parts of the state.

Mancy’s – Toledo

Americans adore steak, it is part of their DNA and steakhouses can be found in every state of the U.S.A. Perhaps Toledo may not be the place that you would expect to find one of the best steakhouses in Ohio, but in Mancy’s they certainly have one.

All the steaks served at Mancy’s are aged in-house, and all cuts are cooked at precisely one thousand-five hundred degrees. The meat is treated like royalty and Mancy’s serves up some of the juiciest and most flavorsome steaks in the whole state, it is hardly surprising that Mancy’s has been around for nearly a century.

Registry Bistro – Toledo

If you fancy some fine dining in Toledo then head straight on over to Registry Bistro. Head chef Erika Rapp has been classically trained at the Culinary Institute of America and the food reflects this. Located in the entertainment district of Toledo, the Registry Bistro attracts at first glance with its Juliet-style balconies and imposing French doors.

The ambiance is truly romantic and many couples treat themselves to a romantic meal at the Registry Bistro. The food is first rate as you would expect from such a fine establishment, try the Prince Edward Mussels that are steamed in coconut milk. Or perhaps the Midwest Meatloaf Burger that is served with a sticky bacon jam.

Crave – Akron

Crave does not pretend to be something it is not, it is simply a restaurant that serves very good food at reasonable prices and is a favorite diner of Akron. The key to this great place is that all the dishes served up are packed full of flavor.

Perhaps some of the best choices are actually in the sandwich section of the menu, such as the pork schnitzel served on pumpernickel bread. Or if you really want a sumptuous BLT, where the L stands for Lobster, then Crave fits the bill.

Lola – Cleveland

We end our culinary journey across Ohio with one of the most famous and revered restaurants in Ohio State. This bustling and highly popular restaurant in the very heart of Cleveland highlights the exceptional food of head chef and restauranter Michael Symon.

The celebrity chef’s talents are displayed in the extraordinary dishes on the menu, beef cheek pierogi or the exceptional Lola Burger served on a toasted English muffin are not to be found on every restaurant menu in Ohio.

The restaurants and diners of Ohio have taken themselves to another level in terms of quality of food and excellence of service. The fantastic local produce of the state is simply outstanding and helps to elevate the cuisine of the Ohio.