The Craft Beer Experience in Ohio

Beer festivals are becoming popular throughout the world. People are taking a liking to the beverage as a popular social one that many can indulge in. Craft beers are becoming increasingly popular and are almost manufactured as much as wines are. People have the opportunity to buy craft beers that others make or indulge in an experience of making their own craft beer. Making beer at home also is an option that many beer-lovers to get involved in, making it the craft variety of sorts. In Ohio, beer is considered to be a staple, and the rally for beer is to proclaim that it is made in Ohio.

The streets and all taprooms have the slogan “Drink beer made here” gracing its walls. In fact, the most celebrated beer festival, entitled Great American Beer Fest is hosting in Ohio. There are over 300 breweries who are part of the festival and over a million barrels of beer are made here. The real Ohio made beer is a delight and a bucket list item for many craft beer lovers. People love the beer so much that they don’t mind not exploring the state, but drink Ohio made beer at least. Ohio has some of the most treasured beers possible and is more known for their beer than anything else.


This city has some of the best breweries in the state. Nine Giant, Urban Artifact and Brink are some of the famous ones here. They have very unique beers that are blended with fruit sweetness and sours. They are traditional and European as well in their approach to beers here. Ales and lagers are found in plenty here with some beautiful artwork on their cans. The best way to experience the Cincinnati beers is by pairing it with food from their numerous food trucks that are featured here.

Cleaveland and Toledo

Move over to Cleveland to find some of the most powerful breweries in the state. The craft community here continues to impress people from around the world. Their range of stout and IPAs are the best. The best part is the unique fruits such as guava that they use in their beers like the ones from Butcher and the Brewer. Toledo has a big sports community, meaning that their beer consumption is massive. The city has teamed up with cider makers to stand out as one of the best cider manufacturers in the state. They are big fans of wild fermenting processes and some of the craziest beers.


Those who are big ale lovers will love with Michigan has to offer. Many people who come here are usually just crossing their checklist of items off when they try the beers of. Michigan is prominent on their import of beer from other states and towns. Their ability to brew their own ales though surpasses all else. The state of Ohio has a reputation as being able to brew every kind of beer, and Michigan stands up to the challenge as well. Their beer tours are great for every visitor who has a liking for all things brewed.