Top-Rated Places to Visit While in Ohio

Ohio is a state that offers everything you would want to know in America: from a small-town treatment to a cosmopolitan adventure, going through the experience of an all-nature-escape, you’ll never be out of something to do. Visiting Amish Country, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus or Dayton could be a plan for your next vacation with a fun repertoire of things to enjoy.

Toledo Museum of Art

This art temple with over 100 years of existence guards an extensive collection of artworks from Ancient Greek and the Romans, as well as Egyptian, European and American pieces. Other interesting collections include their modern art and contemporary art ones, and a glass collection that is one of a kind, saved in a particular building called Glass Pavilion made entirely out of the same material and contains glass-blowing studios and galleries. With over 32 acres and a complex of six buildings, the main entrance resemblances a Greek frontage, making it a total experience of Art History.

Exterior view of the Toledo Museum of Art.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

This tourist attraction places in Columbus exhibits indoor and outdoor plants and flowers with unique seasonal exhibitions that change throughout the year. It has a conservatory that places over 400 species of plants from all over the world (even the Himalayas), with greenhouses that sometimes go back a few centuries like the Victorian-style wing built in the 1800s, one of the largest areas of the conservatory. Other attractions include the horticultural institution with exotic plants from around the world and a glass room with 43 species of palms that’s usually a backdrop for events like weddings.

Amish Country

Escape from the modern hustle for a while in this five-county territory on a summer’s day and seize a simpler lifestyle. With a huge number of farms, Amish Country offers an opportunity to pick up naturally-made household goods and handmade cheeses, ice cream, candy and more. Get a ride on and Amish buggy, enjoy nature and experience the life of a small community.

Cedar Point Amusement Park

Located on the shores of Lake Erie near Sandusky, Cedar Point is one of the most visited destinations in Ohio during summer. With a kid’s area, 17 worldwide-class roller coasters and live entertainment every night, it includes a water park and a resort to cover every need you could have. The Cedar Point Shores Water Park has a lazy river, a waves pool, a six-story aquatic slide and a shallow pool for children, and the Cedar Point’s Hotel Breakers goes from cabins to camping spots to even luxurious suites.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Mecca of music fans lays on the waterside of Cleveland, consisting in seven floors of musical experience that can change your life. Inside the design of the remarkable architect I.M. Pei you can find a whole chronology of rock history through the decades, a wing especially for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees and dreamy and unique instruments, costumes and interactive exhibits.