Get ready as we take you through some of the best spots for music and drinks in Cleveland, you are going to love this list and will have a good time visiting these places.

Brothers Lounge

Are you looking for that bar with good food, great drinks and amazing countryside music in Cleveland? Then check out the Brothers Lounge for an amazing time out in the night. You will be treated to some of the best country music, cocktails in their exotic wine bar, and the best sushi in town in a warm and inviting environment. You can try out their special eggplant caprese; this is one of the best places to eat eggplant and hum to good music at the same time. The waiters are cool and prompt. You will get served just after you place your order and will have one dedicated waiter to refill your glasses as you drink away your worries. The manager is also available and will welcome you in once you get into the bar.

Wilbert’s Food & Music

Watching baseball games at home can be fun, you plus a bucket of popcorn and a cold bottle of bear is all you need to have a good time. But this is nothing compared to the amount of fun you will enjoy at Wilbert’s food & music. You will enjoy your games amidst a tale of good food and drinks that are pocket-friendly. You can try out these pulled pork nachos. The nachos are very delicious, and for just a token you will get a huge portion of nachos covered in cheese, salsa, barbecued pulled pork and sweet beans.

Their beer list is also amazing; you will enjoy some of the best beers in town with affordable rates. The downside of this bar is that it is usually very crowded, especially when there is a favorite game going on. But you can always come here in the evening and enjoy quality jazz music as you sip your beer.


If you are looking for a casual, laid-back bar in Cleveland that is not always crowded, then you should check out Jukebox. This bar is one place you can come after a long day at work and relax your nerves before you head to bed. The bar exhumes this classic vibe, once you get in your spirit will be lifted. The décor is dope and match perfectly with the kind of music played here. The bar offers special kinds of beer that is hard to find in any other bar in Cleveland. A good example is the 5Rabbit Agave beer; you will hardly find this refreshing beer in another bar. This goes to say how special the bar is and how they go extra-miles to impress their customers.

You may not find the type of food you love to eat here, but you will surely have some of the best pierogies and popcorn. You should try out the spicy chicken-Black Bean-Cheddar and onion pierogies laced with siracha sour cream; you will surely enjoy the spice level. The services here are excellent, the waiters are friendly, and you will be served immediately after your order. The music is great too; you can even choose your favorite songs from the jukebox.

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